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Wavemakers Live is a full-service Event Management Company dedicated to creating unforgettable events for a wide range of clients and different industries. We combine seasoned knowledge with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming spaces and providing truly unique experiences across the UK. Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect event.



Wavemakers Live - GREAT Fashion for Climate Action

GREAT Fashion for Climate Action, 2021


This event was a partnership between GREAT and the British Fashion Council which included; interactive installations, presentations and speeches by industry figures such as Burberry, Helen Kirkum, Mother of Pearl, Mulberry, Phoebe English, Priya Ahluwalia and Stella McCartney.  The purpose of the showcase was to demonstrated the far-ranging action, from infinitely recyclable clothing to progress towards carbon neutrality. We supported Identity who were the Production Partner for COP 26 and GREAT. We created the set builds and design as well as providing the manpower to pull it all together.

Wavemakers Live - Fly Open Air Festival

Fly Open Air Festival, 2021


Fly has grown over the past 8 years into Scotland’s largest youth music brand, championing good music. The Fly Festival focus’ on delivering festival that encompasses the full boutique experience with world renowned electronic artists and DJs. Wavemakers Live managed all aspects of the design, creation and delivery of these festival’s located at UNESCO world Heritage site Princes St. Gardens. We built and produced all structures and production for the festivals and managed all aspects from start to finish.

Wavemakers Live - WeWork

WeWork Summer Session Outside Cinema, 2021


In the Summer 2021 WeWork put on a series of events at their buildings around the UK to reward their members. The goal was to give them a unique, unforgettable experience
Wavemakers Live were responsible for producing all aspects of the Edinburgh event which was to create and outdoor cinema on the roof terrace of WeWork's building in George Street perfectly located in the centre of the city. The audience sat on deckchairs in WeWork brand colours whilst they watched two screenings of Men in Black and Rocketman on our 11.5 ft LED Screen. As the sunset the atmosphere changed with the perfect lighting installed by Wavemakers, they created the perfect atmosphere with festoon and uplighters. As the evening went on they could keep warm with WeWork branded blankets and cushions.



Do you have an upcoming event that needs planning? Wavemakers Live is a professional Event Management Company with experience organising a wide range of event types. Give us a call so we can start planning together!

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Production House Studios, 117 Barfillan Drive, Glasgow, G52 1BD, Scotland

0333 444 0698

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